Welcome to my site! I am so glad you found your way here.

I am a wife and mom of four terrific boys. I am the fifth child in a family of seven children. My parents, who were married over 50 years, set an example of love and faithfulness by putting God first, then family and finally work. I have tried to live this lesson, however I am far from perfect and sometimes have had my priorities out of whack.

My mission for this site is help people discover Trust in God and His Plan for our lives, especially during the trials and struggles in life.

My vision is to build a prayer intention garden both virtual and real. Each prayer that is planted in this prayer intention garden will blossom in God’s timing, much like us. This site will serve as a place to help those who are struggling or watching a loved one struggle. By placing our prayer intention at the foot of His cross, God will bring healing and comfort according to His will and in His timing. We only need to remember to trust in Him.

My hope is that this site may provide comfort to those who visit, as we wait for our intentions or “flowers”, that are planted in the soil (our dark time), are watered (our tears), are allowed to take root, and finally to blossom into something wonderful that God has intended for us.

Feel free to leave a flower (your prayer request) in the prayer garden.


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